“The path to excellent coffee doesn’t need to involve expensive machinery.  We constantly work with our customers, monitoring espresso quality, and teaching the skills essential for delivery of perfect drinks”

The skill in making great coffee lies in close attention to detail. It’s often said that Italy has the best coffee, but the reality is that the Italians just know how to brew espresso properly…so their drinks taste better.

We specialise not only in roasting excellent coffee but in teaching our customers about the mechanics of coffee making, choosing the right beans, getting the best from their machines and perfecting how coffee should be prepared – be it at home or in the commercial environment.

A core part of our offer is using our knowledge and experience to help our customers get the best possible results. From a grinder or Cafetiere choice for the home, right through to a complete espresso system for a speciality chain, what matters to us is that our customers achieve the best results in the cup.

At a commercial level, if expenditure is required we will use our twenty years of experience to help you minimise it. Wherever possible, we will aim to get the best from what equipment our customers already own.  If change is needed, we’ll offer genuinely independent advice as we have no ties to any particular suppliers, but a good relationship with all.

Barista training forms the basis of our commercial offer.  We see it as a shared benefit for our coffee to be made to the highest possible standard by our customers.  With many years experience of training Baristas across the industry, Giles sees this as a pivotal part of the Reads commercial offer.

Contact us to discuss any new projects.  Giles works as a Consultant to larger operators to this day, offering strategic and practical advice on coffee systems, whether for multiple outlets, or a new operation starting from scratch.

An award winning espresso, roasted locally to order, and prepared using skills that we love to teach is, we hope, a very appealing proposition to businesses and coffee drinkers who are serious about their coffee..