Sun in the Eyes


Tilbury again, more bags, poor old van…never seems to mind too much though and the exercise no doubt keeps it fit!  Early start with sun in the eyes from the word go, Eastbound morning blaze right through to this evenings Westbound run.  The world looks great through Polaroids and it’s a rare treat..no complaints!

New Honduras and a special Nicaraguan on board, more news on those to follow. Until then,  it’s back to base via a very hot central London, excellent lunch at Sirenas… an Italian eatery hidden in the basement of a nondescript office building off Lambeth Road.  Once, no doubt, the haunt of old spies, these days full of coffee people.


Finally a coffee drop to The Swan at Wilton and a quick stroll up to the Windmill…at rest, soaking up the days end heat, creaking in the early evening breeze..