Sale Time!

I thought we’d enter into the general spirit of the moment and put a few items on sale to kick the year off. No particular reason, all are freshly in stock and raring to go! We’ve knocked a pound per 250g off our regular prices. Here’s a quick roundup of the three I’ve chosen:

Monsoon Malabar – a perennial favourite. Darker roasted with a distinct flavour, this is a real ‘Marmite’ bean. Some people love it, others won’t touch it with a bargepole! So, why not test your tastebuds and give it whirl.

Guatemala San Francisco – Rain Forest Alliance Certified. A great all day drinker with well balanced body and acidity. Another favourite here, ideal for lovers of a lighter, refreshing brew with plenty of flavour.

Lastly, our increasingly popular Firehouse Espresso Blend. Full bodied, powerful – for lovers of a good strong espresso. Darker, but not too dark roasted, this blend includes Sumatra, Guatemala and a dash of washed African robusta to give it a kick. Ideal for lovers of Italian style roasts, but none of the rubbery aromas you’ll find with rough and ready espresso’s.

Catch them while you can…our little sale ends 10th January!