“Beans constantly change with crop cycles so Roasting remains my primary role to maintain absolute consistency and product quality…”


Origin and traceability are deeply important to us and our beans, from around the world, are chosen with great care.  We work with suppliers who specialise not just in great quality but also practice good ethics.   We are Artisan coffee roasters and roast several times each week in small lots, with detailed records kept of every batch. Beans are packed to order, ground at the last minute if required, and dispatched immediately. We make every effort to ensure that our coffee arrives as fresh as possible.

Besides the Sumatra Bourbon and Firehouse Espresso blends, we roast a select range of Single Estate Arabicas. Beans are chosen for their quality, not price. We work with brokers who specialise in ethical sourcing and can absolutely demonstrate that the growers are being fairly treated.  Middle men are avoided and we work only with those who deal directly with the producer or exporter at source.

Our original Ambex 15 kilo roaster served us well.  However the arrival of our new Probat P25 in 2014 enabled us to take roasting of our award winning espresso blends to a new level.  We can now confidently roast espresso and single origins, consistently and ‘To-Order’.

Utilising the very latest in burner and exhaust technology, the new Probat runs cleaner and more efficiently than older machines – important in helping us to minimise both our emissions and in keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our P25’s flexibility, along with the smaller Ambex, allows us to roast a complete range of batch sizes. Having the added capacity to roast up to 25kg per batch gives us fantastic capacity, meaning we can offer larger operators looking for an authentic, hand-roasted espresso, guaranteed consistency and a rapid turnaround of fresh roasts without compromise.

In retaining the traditional style of drum roasting, the skill of Artisan coffee roasters still remains entirely down to the operator.  In our case Giles, and, after many thousand attempts…he thinks he may just have got the hang of it! Complacency isn’t part of our approach, so every roast lot is recorded and compared to allow us to produce a consistent results as beans change between crops, new origins arrive and even the weather playing it’s part in altering how the beans will behave in the roaster on any given day..