Rwanda Nkora Bourbon


Delicious full bodied brew with well balanced fruit acidity.  Fully washed Bourbon varietal from Nkora, Rwanda’s oldest and largest washing station nestling in the country’s Western Province, complete with its own primary school offering free education for Farmers children.  Over 5000 farmers process their crops here.  Freshly picked cherries are washed, fermented and dried over 20 hours following by hand grading and drying on raised beds to 15-30 days.  High grown between 1400-1600 metres his is a great example from a wonderful origin.  Over the last twenty years, coffee growing has been an essential part of this small, land-locked country’s recovery – now producing world beating beans that are a consistent favourite at Reads HQ! Perfect for Filter, Cafetiere and Aeropress, also ideal for a robust Stovetop brew or espresso.








All coffee sold as Wholebean by default.

To order by phone, please call the office on 01935 481010.