*NEW* Guatemala El Aguacate


Pablo Recinos Alvarado’s small farm in Petetan, Huehuetenango (‘way-way-tenango’), sits within Guatemala’s highest and driest cultivated coffee region. Named after an old Avocado tree that sits on the farm, they produce just 12 bags per annum.   Inherited from his parents, Pablo replanted using Caturra and Bourbon varietals to create this superb coffee that offers a bright, fruity cup with the typically drinkable character of all great Huehuetenango’s.   A perfect Cafetiere or filter brew. It also makes a delicious, light espresso when brewed in a Moka Pot.





Character: Fruit, Bright, Full flavour with medium body


All coffee sold as Wholebean by default.

To order by phone, please call the office on 01935 481010.