Perfect Grind

Whilst buying coffee in bean form and grinding it yourself is the best way to go if you can, we realise that many of you would prefer to receive your coffee pre-ground…and that’s no bad thing!

Our fantastic bags are resealable so you’ll be able to keep ground coffee fresh as a daisy once opened, the golden rules on storage being ‘Cool, Dark, Airtight…but not in the fridge’. Why not? Ground coffee is highly hygroscopic so it’ll absorb moisture (and nasty smells) in a flash. Storing it in the fridge risks condensation on the inside of the bag each time you take it out.

Meanwhile, our Ditting grinder is a fantastic Swiss machine with a motor more powerful than my first moped! With it’s infinitely variable settings, just let us know how you brew your coffee and we’ll grind it to suit.  If the drop-down list in the cart doesn’t show your brewer, don’t worry, just add a note or drop us an email with your order.

Happy Brewing!