Sumatra Bourbon Espresso wins again!

  Great Taste, the coveted food awards, celebrate the very best in food and drink. Out of 12,300 products judged and blind tasted by over 500 of the most demanding palates, belonging to food critics, chefs, food writers and journalists…our Sumatra Bourbon Espresso was awarded a 2-Star Outstanding Great Taste Award.  This is the third Great Taste award this coffee has achieved – how’s that for c
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Here’s something you may not know…every batch of beans that we roast goes through the rather laborious and old fashioned process of winnowing.  All done by my fair hand, it started out years back as we have a wonderful natural wind tunnel effect past the roaster door. Early on, it was fairly straightforward, moving on to become a permanent habit that allowed me to spot any nasties in the green coffee as w
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January Arrivals…

Just in: Kenya – just a small batch from the Ther’i Co-Operative.  Expect intense acidity, excellent sweetness and fantastic full body.  A truly exciting Kenyan that will suit Cafetieres, Filters and even the braver espresso drinkers out there. Brazil – Rain Forest Alliance Certified Yellow Bourbon from Fazenda Pantano. Pulped natural so expecting good body and excellent chocolate mouthfeel.  A perf
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New Roaster…

We’ve actually had our new beauty for quite a while, but now it’s part of the family I felt it was time to go public! Unloaded from a German Arctic one chilly morning last March, our brand new Probat P25 was, and remains, the first of the second generation 25 kilo Probat’s into the UK. It’s been a learning curve, but what a machine!  Not only can we now roast to satisfy future demand, we have
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Christmas Hampers!

Choose from our range of beautiful coloured Moka Pots plus stylish Filter Brewers, Milk Frothers and a gorgeous Hot Chocolate Maker! You can choose your own items to create a very special, personalised Christmas gift. All of our coffee is ground to order for your chosen method of brewing. Gift Boxes from £25. Please call Charlotte or Jayne to discuss your order..
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Little Grey Cafe…

It’s been a while…we’ve been busy!  The Little Grey Cafe, months in the making and the greatest thing to happen to a pony trailer since horses started eating grass, hit the road running this weekend at the Dorset Knob Festival.  Comedy on so many levels…but a great day out and a first run for the new Reads baby.  We love it! We’ll be selling drinks and beans at events throughout the Summ
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Just Roasted…

Just roasted…the first batch of our latest Sumatran! Produced by the Rain Forest Alliance Certified Rahmat Inara Cooperative, this represents another excellent,typically rich and full-bodied Sumatran.  Cultivated on precipitous slopes at altitudes of up to 1600 metres, the farmers here are benefitting directly from improvements to the local water supply and infrastructure that the RFA membership brings.  Ideal
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Restored !

Having taken me far too long to post a note about the problems with Paypal…they restored us this morning. Great news, full service resumed and many thanks to all of you who kindly sent notes about the problem! Cuban remains available to special order, priced at £5.50 per 250g bag, we just can’t take payment through Paypal.    .
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Cuban Paypal Crisis….

Sorry to any of you who’ve had problems paying using Paypal recently…it all stems from our delicious Cuban Serrano being an embargoed product in the USA.  As such, we’re not supposed to sell it through the Paypal portal and our account was frozen!  Frustrating stuff and it just shows that in this day and age, kicking back with a fresh brewed Serrano and a big fat Cigar isn’t quite as straight forwar
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