Oh no! Another Cuban Paypal Crisis!

Here was I thinking things had moved on, but no, it seems that the 1960 US Cuban Trade Embargo is still very much alive and well with Paypal today having blocked us from accepting any payments via their portal for Cuban Coffee. So, we are still selling Cuban, but just can’t process payments via Paypal. If you’d like to buy some deliciously smooth Cuban beans, please just contact us. We’ll sort out a
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Brew with a View…2.

What better wind down than a warm seaside view after a 200 mile two wheeled delivery trip. The great gods of the road deciding that on this occasion one half should be negotiated with a broken clutch cable. Any other bikers out there may understand how that can sharpen up the old reflexes! So, here we are on a stunning evening down at Ringstead Bay, calm as a mill pond with Portland nestling in the near distance. Giv
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A Brew with a View…

The first in our series to celebrate the wonderful countryside, views and places that surround the roastery here in Dorset. To get the ball rolling , here’s one taken a while ago with a southerly view overlooking Church Ope Cove on the Isle of Portland. The simple combination of a long walk, small flask, great coffee and a perfect view takes some beating. As lockdown eases, we’ll be illustrating different
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Decaff delight

Decaff used to get bad press. Luckily, these days, there are speciality beans, naturally decaffeinated, that are completely indistinguishable from the real thing…some, dare I say it, are better! A while back, I was at a local Market selling our beans when I got chatting to a regular customer who was also a Doctor. On the subject of caffeine and it’s effects, he smiled as he told me that he has many male v
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Filter Masks

A couple of weeks ago, I handed a friend a pack of filter papers, remarking that they may make excellent face masks. Their shape and size seems perfect for the job whilst they are also cheap, disposable and, most importantly, available. My only worry, with what little knowledge I have of dust filters, is that a virus is somewhat smaller than any coffee particle, so they may not work! It seems I wasn’t alone in
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Little Rollers…

Freshly roasted, our delightful Kenya Peaberries are ready to go.. Named for their pea like shape and size, Peaberries are actually a sought after mutation created when two beans fuse inside the coffee cherry to create a single round bean. Not only do Peaberries have a wonderful concentrated flavour, but they also roast beautifully as their shape lends itself perfectly to rolling as they roast to give an even result
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Perfect Grind

Whilst buying coffee in bean form and grinding it yourself is the best way to go if you can, we realise that many of you would prefer to receive your coffee pre-ground…and that’s no bad thing! Our fantastic bags are resealable so you’ll be able to keep ground coffee fresh as a daisy once opened, the golden rules on storage being ‘Cool, Dark, Airtight…but not in the fridge’. Why not
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Keeping you Caffeinated…

No April Fools, it’s been a tricky couple of weeks but we’re here and roasting with DPD busy delivering our beans to homes all over the UK. We’d like to take the opportunity to say a big THANK YOU for all of you who have supported us! We’re here to keep you caffeinated…
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We’re here to help keep you going!

We’re here and roasting..! Colombia Las Brisas just going in – a delightfully aromatic bean that’ll brew a deliciously well balanced cup regardless of brew method. We’re working hard to help us all through the crisis, so make Reads your daily brew! No grinder? No worries! Just let us know your brew method and we’ll grind to order. Order online today for speedy delivery! Keep safe!
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