New Roaster…

We’ve actually had our new beauty for quite a while, but now it’s part of the family I felt it was time to go public!

Unloaded from a German Arctic one chilly morning last March, our brand new Probat P25 was, and remains, the first of the second generation 25 kilo Probat’s into the UK.

It’s been a learning curve, but what a machine!  Not only can we now roast to satisfy future demand, we have also invested in being able to roast espresso to order for even our largest commercial clients whilst ensuring absolute consistency across the roasts.  We’ve developed a close relationship with Probat themselves – essential for ensuring that we can get the best out of the machine and are now roasting all our beans on the new machine.

Our old baby is still very much in evidence – perfect for a one off small batch or a roasting tutorial…more on that to follow.

All our coffee is now being roasted on the Probat.  Traditional roasting at it’s very best..