Filter Masks

A couple of weeks ago, I handed a friend a pack of filter papers, remarking that they may make excellent face masks. Their shape and size seems perfect for the job whilst they are also cheap, disposable and, most importantly, available. My only worry, with what little knowledge I have of dust filters, is that a virus is somewhat smaller than any coffee particle, so they may not work!

It seems I wasn’t alone in the idea, nor far off the mark with my doubts. Today’s news being that Melitta, the German giant have started producing coffee filter style face masks at around 1 million units a week. However…these aren’t just any old coffee filter and whilst they clearly work as stylish surgical masks, I expect they may not be great for making a brew. Read on…I quote Melitta:

Melitta coffee filters have fine pores that filter particles of a certain size. Corona viruses are many times smaller than this, with a size of 0.12 – 0.16 µm, and are therefore not completely filtered. Coffee filters do not provide the protection required.

So, if you’re tempted to use a standard coffee filter paper alone as a mask, think again. I wish I could report differently and common sense tells me that whilst they may be better than nothing in an emergency…it’s better to keep them for their day-job.

Hat’s off to Melitta – a great company, thinking on their feet and putting their machines to fantastic use. They just happen also to produce some excellent filter machines and are responsible for creating my favourite brewing method, the single cup filter cone!

Here at Reads, we can keep you stocked with filter papers of all sizes and single cup brewers, from the simplest plastic to super smart copper finish, not to mention some excellent coffee to brew – just drop us a line on admin@readscoffee.co.uk, we’d be happy to help!