Decaff delight

Decaff used to get bad press. Luckily, these days, there are speciality beans, naturally decaffeinated, that are completely indistinguishable from the real thing…some, dare I say it, are better!

A while back, I was at a local Market selling our beans when I got chatting to a regular customer who was also a Doctor. On the subject of caffeine and it’s effects, he smiled as he told me that he has many male visitors with worries about needing to pee, often, and in a hurry. Before snapping on his rubber gloves, he told me, he always checked how much coffee they drank as those sensitive to caffeine can find them caught short quite easily after a brew. One thing at the office but quite another when you’re on the motorway with miles until the next stop!

Being a man ‘of that age’ I’ve discovered I’m more than a little sensitive to caffeine and it’s unwanted side effects. Not only does it leave you on the run all too often, but you can get pretty dehydrated as well.

So, chaps (and ladies too!), try switching to decaff for a few weeks and see how you feel. We can help you along with two excellent brews – our powerful Swiss Water Processed Espresso Blend, or our CO2 processed Guatemala Huehuetenango that’s perfect for a Filter or Cafetiere.

Now, you ask, how is coffee decaffeinated? I’ll tell you that another time….!